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House Rules


WindyCityBrits.com is here to help British Expats make the most of living in a wonderful city in a wonderful country by giving them a platform to share tips with other Expats. With this in mind, please ensure that your comments are:

– Kind
– Helpful
– Clean
– Legal
– Relevant

The following will not be tolerated and persistent offenders will be barred:

– TROLLING – there is a very clear line between amusing, witty snark and offensive, smug bigotry. Dowager Countess of Grantham yes. Nigel Farage no.

– RACISM – this includes any form of hate towards the USA and its awesome peoples, including stereotypes, generalisations and use of offensive terms (yes that includes the word “yank”).

– SAUCE – please keep your words (relatively) clean and swear free. You’re in the Midwest now.

– DODGY DEALS – speaks for itself. All tips shared need to be legal and above board.

– SPAM – if you want to promote a product to Expat Brits, please contact us first instead of spamming the boards.



WindyCityBrits.com promises to only ever write and promote products, objects, activities and places that we genuinely like and think other Expats will like too. Any article which has been sponsored in kind in any way will be clearly marked as such. Positive reviews cannot be bought!

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